The city is working with us to determine the best possible decision for the future of the Saint-Boniface Civic Square. Seize the opportunity.

Now we want to know: what should happen with 219 Provencher Blvd. and 212 Dumoulin St. in the future?

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*The following is from an email received from the City of Winnipeg

Thank you to those who have shared stories. Your stories of personal experiences and family history tell of the symbolic and practical role these buildings have filled since they were built. There is still time to add your story Submit before February 15, 2024.

What is important to you? There are a few options to explore. Share your thoughts now. Your feedback will help us better understand what the community wants so we can recommend next steps for Council to consider.


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Morgan Vespa, on behalf of the project team

L’avenir du 219, boulevard Provencher et du 212, rue Dumoulin  | The Future of 219 Provencher and 212 Dumoulin

L’équipe du projet | The project team
Morgan Vespa
Gord Chappell
Nicole Young
Ville de Winnipeg | City of Winnipeg

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