At the May 9 meeting, the City took a crucial step forward for the future of the St. Boniface Civic Square

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At its meeting on May 9, 2014, the Standing Policy Committee on Property and Development on the future of the Civic Square voted in favour of the Public Service's recommendations.

As a reminder, Les Ami.e.s du carré civique de Saint-Boniface participated as a stakeholder in the meetings organised by the City to consult the community last winter. On May 9, we also had the opportunity to react to the first step towards putting in place a long-term solution that will take into account the importance of the civic square, ensure its protection and ensure the management of this legacy that is so important to the community.

The results of the meeting of the Standing Policy Committee on Property and Development have been reported in several media and on

You can also consult the documents that are part of this "journey". You will find them listed in the upper menu "Documentation" >>> Reports and Documents

Here are the documents available on the resources page of our website, with explanations: (document names are as listed on the web page)

  • 1.0       ODJ SPC réunion du 9 mai 2024
  • 2.0 A    SPC PD May 9 2024 Report
    This is the report of the municipal administration which submits and explains the resolution recommendations to the committee. Once adopted, this report becomes the City's official document for next steps.
  • 2.0 F    SPC PD 9 mai 2024 Version française du rapport de l’administration
  • This document excludes the first 3 pages of the English version of the official document.
  • 3.0 A    SPC PD Engagement Summary E – Schedule B
  • 4.0 F     SPC PD Résumé de l’engagement public F – Annexe B
  • This is the summary of what was said and retained during the community consultations.
  • 4.1       Soumission (orale et écrite) Daniel Boucher SFM
  • 4.2       Soumission (orale et écrite) Walter Kleinschmit ACCSB
  • 5.1        Soumission (écrite) Michel Chartier ACCSB
  • 5.2       Soumission (écrite) Michael Weretyk
  • 6.0       Disposition de la réunion du 9 mai 2024


David Dandeneau, as Vice-President of Héritage Saint-Boniface, spoke of the importance of the civic square in the history of the survival of the Francophonie in Manitoba and its current importance for Winnipeg.

St. Boniface Councillor Matt Allard is a member of the Standing Policy Committee on Property and Development.

Details of all the consultation meetings and the survey conducted by the City (374 pages) are available at the following link:


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