Hope for the future of the Saint-Boniface Civic Square!

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The Standing Policy Committee on Property and Development unanimously adopted the municipal administration's report on the future of the carré civique de Saint-Boniface.

The most important suggestion of the Ami.e.s du carré civique de Saint-Boniface was incorporated into the recommendations, thanks to the intervention of Councillor Matt Allard, who proposed the necessary amendment, so that the public consultation report (Appendix B of the Administrative Report) remains the basis for all future decisions to implement these recommendations.

This amendment ensures that the public consultation report, identified as Appendix B of the Administrative Report, will not be forgotten when new decisions are required to respond to new community issues and needs. We want to ensure that any decisions taken to implement municipal recommendations concerning the civic square are based on the results of public consultation.

The adoption of the recommendations by the councilors on May 9 represents significant progress for the preservation of this heritage so dear to French-speakers.

Les Ami.e.s du carré civique de Saint-Boniface are delighted that this step has been taken in such a positive and proactive way, in a process that has involved the community. We are also pleased to know that future actions will be fuelled by the vision that citizens expressed during this winter's consultations.

We would like to thank our partners at the municipal level, administrators and councillors, community organizations, the Société de la francophonie manitobaine (SFM) and all those who are committed to preserving le carré civique de Saint-Boniface's, for their hard work and efforts.

The administration's report must now go through the Executive Committee and then the City Council. We are confident that these stages will be successfully completed.

Then the real work will begin. Once the recommendations have been adopted, the City will need to ensure that a Carré civique Board is set up, made up of representatives from the City and the community, and chaired by the SFM. This board will steer the next steps and advise the City in selecting the entity with whom a long-term lease will be negotiated. That entity will manage the Jardin de sculptures and the three buildings of the carré civique that remain, and will remain, the property of the City of Winnipeg.

Les Ami.e.s du carré civique is committed to continuing to act as a partner with all stakeholders in this process, and to uphold a vision of the Civic Square as a living, open, community-serving public heritage site.

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