Confirmation of details for the AGM of Les Ami.e.s du carré civique de Saint-Boniface

The date and details of the next ACCSB AGM are confirmed.

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The AGM will provide the opportunity for members and friends to receive a report on our year and current developments with the city regarding the Civic Square.

The AGM will also be an opportunity to participate in the survey about the future of the Civic Square.

Date: February 1, 2024 at 4 pm


The historic Saint-Boniface City Hall
In the council meeting room
2nd floor (accessible by elevator)
219 Provencher Boulevard


Allows viewing of the meeting with questions and voting, if necessary, via chat.
Register in advance at

A link to the meeting will be sent to you before the AGM.

Following the AGM

Participants and friends are invited to a happy hour (5 à 7) at La Maison des artistes visuels francophones, 1st floor of Saint-Boniface City Hall.


Highlights of the AGM are:

  1. Update of the consultation process initiated by the city following a decision by the Standing Policy Committee for Property and Planning, Heritage and Downtown Development at their meeting on July 13, 2023.
  2. Nomination and elections of directors.


The highlights of happy hour (5 à 7) are:

  1. Meeting between Friends following our AGM. All Friends are invited as well as your friends. The Maison des artistes will be open at 4:00 p.m. A cash bar will be available to participants.
  2. Participants will be invited to give their thoughts and memories on the past and future of Saint-Boniface City Hall, Fire Station No. 1 and the Civic Square itself. A check-in station will be available during the reception.


All details and documents relevant to the AGM are available on our website.

Visit our site Tab: Member Meetings

Kind regards

Walter Kleinschmit

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Your $5 annual membership ensures the continuity of the entire St. Boniface Civic Square for the benefit of Manitoba's Francophonie. With your membership, you will receive accurate and current information on the development of this property. You will also have the opportunity to participate in the governance of the organization.

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Les Ami.e.s du carré civique de Saint-Boniface inc. is a charitable organization (charitable number - 793544701) that will issue a tax receipt for all donations received.

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