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Crucial resolution submitted to the SFM AGM

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Following a resolution at the 2019 AGM, the Société de la francophonie manitobaine (SFM) has assumed leadership of efforts to ensure that City Hall, 219 Provencher, continues to serve Manitoba's francophonie.

The city undertook consultations with community stakeholders following the cancellation of the sale of the fire station and city hall to Manitoba Possible. To better ensure recognition of the facts, and the inclusion of as many participants as possible in this initiative, a resolution on the consultations will be on the agenda of the MFS AGM on October 12, 2023.

This will enable the SFM to continue and broaden its participation through a decisive mandate to be given at the meeting. The resolution, proposed by David Dandeneau and seconded by 12 members, will allow for an in-depth discussion of the consultations and a proposal to ensure that the consultations run smoothly.

It is proposed that:

  • The SFM communicate with the Mayor and Council of the City of Winnipeg, on behalf of Manitoba's Francophonie, to affirm the importance of protecting the Civic Square, a community asset. To this end, we strongly encourage the City to enter into a lease agreement for this property with community partners.
  • The SFM participates in the development of an appropriate management model that will ensure the long-term survival and relevance of the Civic Square for the citizens of Winnipeg.

 You can read the full resolution here:

We would like to inform our members of this resolution, which will be discussed at the AGM of the SFM. We invite everyone to attend this meeting, either in person or via ZOOM. Your presence and support will give us the strength and credibility we need to put the brakes on the sale of 219 Provencher and 212 Dumoulin.

To register for the AGM, please visit (SFM membership is required to vote):

Together, we can protect the future of the Saint-Boniface Civic Square, a jewel of Manitoba's francophone heritage. Join us in preserving our history and heritage for future generations.

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