About Us

Our management principles


To ensure the sustainability of the entire St. Boniface Civic Square for the benefit of Manitoba's Francophonie.


To ensure the sound management of the buildings in the St. Boniface Civic Square and to ensure they are occupied by Francophone organizations and societies that contribute to the economic, tourism, cultural and artistic influence and well-being of the Francophone community in Manitoba.


To ensure that the St. Boniface Civic Square remains a center of activity for the Francophone community in Manitoba, the general public and a collective asset and heritage for future generations.

Our Values


The ACCSB acts with transparency and openness, and its communications are focused on sharing clear and complete information.


The ACCSB believes in collaboration and positive engagement based on mutual enrichment.


The ACCSB acts with honesty and transparency, thereby maintaining the trust of the members of the Manitoba Francophone community and the public. This integrity is demonstrated through the adoption of best practices in governance, ethics and sound management.


The ACCSB values listening, courtesy, and respect for the diversity of opinions and ideas, without discrimination, in all its interactions.

Preliminary Strategic Objectives

Contribute positively to the management of the civic square to celebrate our origins, our current and evolving Francophonie, and ensure the sustainability of our collective assets.

Retain the Sculpture Garden at the center of the civic campus - it uniquely celebrates the past and future aspirations of the community. 

Work with the Festival du Voyageur to develop a legal agreement with the City of Winnipeg for 227 Provencher Boulevard.

Work with the current owners of the police station to ensure the integration of their property into the civic campus. 

For 212 Dumoulin Street, work with MB Possible or, if its project is not viable, any developer to develop a long-term vision.

Work with the SFM to take over 219 Provencher Boulevard.


Become a Member

Your $5 annual membership ensures the continuity of the entire St. Boniface Civic Square for the benefit of Manitoba's Francophonie. With your membership, you will receive accurate and current information on the development of this property. You will also have the opportunity to participate in the governance of the organization.

Make a Donation

Les Ami.e.s du carré civique de Saint-Boniface inc. is a charitable organization (charitable number - 793544701) that will issue a tax receipt for all donations received.

One-time donations can be made by PayPal, credit or debit card. • By e-transfer to: Les Ami.e.s du carré civique de Saint-Boniface inc. , with notice to carrecivique@gmail.com • By cheque payable to: Les Ami.e.s du carré civique de Saint-Boniface inc. • Send to our PO Box.